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Digital Door-Hangers

Have you ever found yourself wondering, "was my pool cleaned today"? With Miller Pool & Spa, you would always be able to tell when your pool was serviced by checking your email for the "digital door-hanger". Once your pool has been cleaned, we immediately email you a photo of the pool with a report that lets you know what was done to your pool that day.

Some pool service companies might leave a paper door-hanger to notify you of the tasks completed. In effort to reduce paper usage, we have implemented "digital door-hangers" that go straight to your email once the pool has been serviced.

Another benefit of these digital door-hangers is that you can respond to the email to notify our office of any issues or to ask any questions. We frequently check emails, so you should expect a response within 24 business hours.

Below is an example of the digital door hanger email you would receive after your pool is serviced by Miller Pool & Spa. Contact us today at 805-492-6991 to get a quote on pool cleaning service.

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1 Comment

Nov 30, 2022

Is there any locksmith who can advise me which digital door locks are best for the commercial apartment?

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