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Service Agreement

Please review this page carefully as it contains important details about our weekly service and billing. Feel free to call or email our office with any questions.


Last Updated 1/22/2024

Billing Structure

  • Monthly Fee. We charge a base monthly rate, plus the cost of chemicals used in your pool during the month. Any price increases will be communicated in advance.

  • Filter Cleanings and Salt Cell Cleanings. We perform regular filter cleanings and salt cell cleanings (for salt pools only) on an as needed basis. You may not be notified before these cleanings occur, so please be prepared for these regular charges. You may contact our office to find out what schedule we have your filter or salt cell on. 

  • Missing or Broken Parts. While we make our best effort to notify you of all missing or broken parts, there may be instances where we replace a small part without notification (usually $30 or less). Please be prepared for these charges. If your pool requires a larger repair, the office will contact you with your options.   


Access To Pool

  • Skipped Stop. If your pool is skipped due to reasons within your control (such as leaving out an unfriendly dog, locking a gate without providing a code or key, pool under construction without advance notice, pool in use, etc.) we will still charge a regular service fee to cover mileage and labor costs. A prorated bill will not be offered for circumstances out of our control.

  • Pool Covers.  We will not remove or put pool covers on unless previously agreed upon. It is your responsibility to remove pool covers prior to arrival. If a pool is covered upon arrival for service, the technician will only add chemicals and empty baskets. This will be billed as a regular service stop. 

  • Make Up Days. We make every effort to stay on schedule, and we need your help to do so. Please understand that if the service tech is unable to reach your pool due to locked or broken gates, unfriendly dogs, inclement weather, or other unforeseen issues, your pool may be skipped for the week. If you would like to schedule a make-up day, an additional charge may be applied for rescheduled stops.


Instructions & Notices

  • Holidays and Time Off. Our billing is based on a 4 week month (4x12=48), we do not charge extra for months with 5 weeks as to leave 4 weeks per year for our techs to take sickness / holiday / vacation / etc. We will send an email with any schedule changes. If you would like an extra service stop during a skip week, please contact the office for availability and pricing. You may also request a copy of our Holiday Policy for more information.

  • Dogs. If necessary, please have your dog inside during service. We do our best to close gates, but please make sure to keep your animals inside if they like to escape. We will not be responsible for escaped animals.

  • Water Level. Our service techs will not use your hose to fill the pool. Please be sure to keep your pool and/or spa water at the full operating level. Having the water level drop below the skimmer can cause equipment damage and/or cause the pool to turn green. In extreme cases we may not be able to service a pool if the water is too low.



  • Terms. Payment is due within 15 days of the date on the invoice. Invoices are generated based on your actual usage for the previous month.

  • Accepted Payment Methods. Our preferred payment method is check or bank transfer. Checks must be mailed to the address on your invoice. We do accept credit and debit cards for your convenience with no fee. 

  • Credit Cards. If we provide services other than regular weekly service (i.e. repairs, equipment installation, etc.), we do not accept debit/credit cards on invoices over $300. In certain cases, we can accept a card payment, in which case a 3% processing fee will be added to the invoice total. 

  • Late Fees. You may be subject to a late fee if payment is not received within 15 days of the invoice date.

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